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Title: Fly Hook Color Guidelines

Date of Article: 2008-07-21


Fly Hook Color Guidelines (Alec Jackson Fly Hooks)

When illuminated by diffused light (cloudy days, fishing deep near the bottom) both bronze and silver hooks are inconspicuous - least visible to the fish.

Bronze Hooks:

Use bronze hooks when fishing for fish that are between the sun and your fly (floating flies, skating flies, greased line flies). Under such conditions the bronze hooks are the least visible.

Against many backgrounds, bronze is the most difficult hook finish color for fish to see.

Nickel Plated (Silver) Hooks:

Use Nickel Plated (Silver) Hooks when your fly is between the sun and the fish.

For all flies illuminated by diffused light - overcast conditions or sunk flies - use nickel plated hooks. Nickel plated hooks are the least visible when the light is diffused.

Good morning color - when the light is increasing

Gold Hooks:

Gold platted hooks may offer the best of both silver and bronze hook color combinations for invisibility - whenever in doubt use gold colored hooks

Good evening color - when the light is decreasing

Black Hooks: Greatest silhouette - good for heavy and cloudy water and dark patterns

Blue Hooks: Same as black hooks. Blue hooks pick up better surrounding colors more subtly than black hooks.

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