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Title: Pike on a fly

Date of Article: 2008-09-10


Esox (Linnaeus, 1758) is a genus of freshwater fish, a member of the pike family (family Esocidae) of order Esociformes such as the Muskellunge. The type species is E. lucius, the northern pike. The species of this genus are known as the pike.


Pike, Haus des Meeres (public aquarium), ViennaThe pike feeds on a wide range of food sources. Their primary prey is other fish, including their own kind, but predominantly smaller shoal fish. Pike are cannibalistic preying upon smaller members of their own species. Pike are undeserving of their fierce reputation with only a few minor incidents of pike 'attacks' on people being substantiated.

They will also prey on insects and amphibians such as newts or frogs in times when food is scarce, and occasionally on small mammals, like moles or mice when caught water-borne. Small birds such as ducklings may become a target for hungry pike. Pikes are also known to prey on swimming snakes, such as vipers.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pike_(fish)

Living in the NW in Washington State in the United States and fishing for Steelhead and trout, I had never fished for Pike. On August, 22 - 29th, 2008, some good friends invited my wife and I, on a Fly-in Canadian fishing trip to Whitewater lake at Strikers Point in Northern Ontario.

Strikers Point Lodge

Wabakimi Park's Premier Canadian Fly In Fishing Lodge

At the eastern end of Whitewater Lake, in the heart of the Wabakimi Provincial Park is one of our premier Canadian Fly In Fishing Lodges. Here is the fly in fishing lodge that is home to the largest registered northern pike in the 2005 season, (50" 31 pounds) caught and released by a Strikers Point Lodge guest. Plus, as part of the Ogoki River watershed, Whitewater Lake offers Walleye anglers exceptional results. So exceptional they can plan a shore lunch everyday.

For more info go to: http://www.wildernessnorth.com/fly_in_strikers.php

Fishing for Pike on a fly is an experience I will never forget and look forward to fishing for them again and again. Fly Fishing for Pike using surface flies is an addictive pleasure. Once you have found the right fly and work the Pikes feeding zones - usually along grassy beds, or protective areas like logs or rocks where Pike can hide themselves and wait for their prey to swim by. You're in for some exciting fun.

At Strikers Point I was guided by friend Mark to an inlet named "Bay of Pigs". This spring river feeds into Whitewater Lake and it is a Pike breeding a feeding zone. The water here is a few degrees colder; ideal for late summer Pike fishing. Its tall grassy line banks make for ideal hiding and holding water for Pike. Just cast your surface fly plug as close to the tall grass as you can and begin jigging the fly across the surface and get ready for an explosion of action when a Pike takes his/her hungry notice.

Pike are predators galore, and when they are interested in your fly they attach it like a shark attaching its prey.


Fly Rod, I used an Echo2 9'6"/10' #8


Airflo - Forty Plus


The Killer Surface Fly that I found worked best for me: Bill's B.P. Musky Fly-Black-Red

For Sub Surface, this fly worked the best for me at Whitewater: Mike's Black Flash Fly

Make sure you have some long needle nose pliers like Dr. Slick Barracuda Plier

Two pair of Dr. Slick Barracuda Plier work good if you don't have a jaw separator (keeps the Pike's mouth open so you can extract your fly without losing your fingers!

Also some Toothy Critter leader material or metal wire with snap.

I would like to thank the crew at Strikers Point and Wilderness North for their great accommodations, and friendly and expert service.

If you would like the opportunity to catch a 50 inch Pike on a fly, I recommend Strikers Point, at Whitewater Lake in Northern, Ontario, Canada as your fly-in destination.

Submitted By: Jeff Layton

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