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Fly Rods

Rod Cases & Accessories
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G.Loomis IMX PRO Musky Fly Rods - Product Image
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G.Loomis IMX PRO Musky Fly Rods

You are the lord of long-odds. Experienced. Focused. Packed with grit to grind. (NEW for 2019)

Nothing's easy about coaxing musky with a fly. With massive tactical demands, the battle
is downright physical. Because your rotator cuff just isn't enough, IMX-PROm feature "allday"
actions that ooze shoulder-saving sweetness. Mega-durable cloud cork top/bottom
grips keep both hands busy long after everyone else is warming theirs back at the cabin.
Partnered with professional guide and Elite Ambassador, Chris Willen, our motivation to
forge the most advanced tools for modern musky angling match your intense drive for
ultimate success on the water.

Traditionally, as the blank diameter increases, so does the total amount of material used.
This was the only way of ensuring strength/durability in the bottom half of the rod. Conduit
Core technology removes excess wraps of graphite and replaces them with a proprietary
material that's of equal strength, but dramatically lighter in weight. Casters exert less
energy to move the rod, increasing the efficiency of total energy required to manipulate the
line when casting, mending, and animating flies.

o High-modulus graphite construction
o Balanced swing weight + incredible durability
o Multi-Taper Design reinforces potential stress points within the blank while reducing
unnecessary graphite material

Features of the IMX-PRO Musky Fly Rod:

o High-modulus graphite construction
o Balanced swing weight; incredible durability
o Multi-Taper Design reinforces potential stress points within the blank while reducing unnecessary graphite material
o Chrome single-foot guides
o Chrome stripper guides (3 total for increased durability)
o Cloud Composite "Magnum Grip"
o Custom aluminum up-locking reel seat
o Tube and cloth rod bag
o Handcrafted in Woodland, Washington

Price: $625.00 
Rod Size  

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