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Pro Tubefly System : 
Pro Tubefly System
The most innovative, high quality tubefly system in the world

Pro Tube Soft Disc - Product Image

Pro Tube Soft Disc

Pro Tube Soft Disc: Tubefly System Softdisc

Package contents: 9 pcs.

Size/weight specifications are as follows

Medium 8 mm; 0.12 grams

The Pro Tube Tubefly System Soft Disk is a plastic disc that fits over all of the Pro Tube Flexitube and Micro Tube tubes. The disk is a means of adding color and wiggle, and turbulence around your tube fly without adding weight. Tie your tube fly, slide this softdisc over the front, trim the tube, and melt the end to keep the disk in place.

Price: $5.95 

Pro Tube Flexitube - Product Image

Pro Tube Flexitube

Pro Tube Flexitube: Tubefly System Flexi Tube

Package contents: 14 pcs.

Size/weight specifications: 40mm thin-tube x 40mm hook-holder tube; 0.26 grams

Two Sizes: 40/40, 40/10

Please note that you will need a Pro Tube Flexineedle to secure these Flexi Tubes , and all the Pro Tube tubes. We have found only limited success securing them on one of the smallest Eumer mandrels; these tubes are tuff, durable, but the Inside Diameter is such that it works best on the Pro Tube Flexineedle.

The Flexi Tube by the Pro Tube Fly System folks is a completely integrated tube that provides a surface for tying your fly and a hook holder junction at the rear of the tube.

These Flexitubes or Flexi Tubes are what we refer to as the 40-40 model. These are 40mm of larger diameter tube at the rear of the fly and 40mm of smaller diameter tube at the front end of the tube. One can Tie on both the larger and smaller diameter tube sections, the front fine diameter tube receives each and every of the Pro Tube weights and cones and disks, so complete and blissful marriage is assured by sticking with the Pro Tube Tubefly System components.

When finished or before even starting to tie the tube fly, one may trim off the rear portion (larger diameter) tube to customize the positioning of the hook at the rear of the fly.

We find that these Flexitubes are best suited to fishing with a ring eye hook seated directly in the rear tube. When using hooks rigged in a loop, stinger style, we prefer to use the Pro Tube Tubefly System Micro Tube with the silicone hookguide as the knot slips into the silicone hook guide and holds there firmly while our stinger hook trails behind the tube at just the preferred distance, usually eve with the very rear of the fly.

Price: $5.95 

Pro Tube Microtube - Product Image
Click for larger image

Pro Tube Microtube

Pro Tube Microtube: Tubefly System Micro Tubes

Package contents: 12 pcs.

Size/weight specifications: 31mm (about 1.5" overall lngth (tying surface is about 1.0"); 0.9 grams

Price: $5.95 

Pro Tube Conedisc - Product Image
Click for larger image

Pro Tube Conedisc

Pro Tube Conedisc: Tubefly System Cone Disk

Package Contents: 9 pcs.

Size/weight specifications:

Large: 10mm diameter; Medium 8 mm

Price: $5.95 

Pro Tube Cone - Product Image
Click for larger image

Pro Tube Cone

Pro Tube Cone: Tubefly System Metal Cones

Package contents: 9 pcs.

Size/weight specifications for Pro Cones are as follows.

Medium: 6.5 mm diameter; 0.26 gram

Large: 7.5mm diameter; 0.42 grams

Price: $5.95 

Pro Tube Flexiweight - Product Image
Click for larger image

Pro Tube Flexiweight

Pro Tube Flexiweight: Tubefly System Flexi Weight

Package contents: 5mm = 12 pcs; 10mm = 10 pcs; 20mm = 9 pcs.

Size & weight specifications are as follows:

5mm = 0.15 grams; 10mm = 0.30 grams; 20mm = 0.60 grams.

Price: $5.95 

Pro Tube Starter Kit - Product Image
Click for larger image

Pro Tube Starter Kit

Pro Tube Starter Kit: Tubefly System Sample Component Assortment

Please remember to purchase the Pro Tuibe Flexineedle, because the Pro Tube Tubefly System tubes do not set well on HMH or Eumer tube mandrels.

Package contents: 50 pcs. We do not know how they could count all these little pieces but trust that they are in the ballpark.

Pro Tube Starter Kit: Tubefly System Sample Component Assortment provides a excellent introduction to the world of the Pro Tube Tubefly system.

The Pro Tube Starter Kit includes a variety of the Flexitubes, Micro tubes, Flexi weight, Drop weights, the possiblilty of a Bullet weight, hook guides, metal and plastic cone heads, a propellor or two, and probably a sonic disk or two.

You will have perfect components to experiment with. Not simply the standard run of the mill salmon and steelhead flies will spring forth from this Pro Tube component assortment. Think about a Tube Wooly Bugger. Think about a Tube Clouser Deep Minnow. Think about a Tube Comet; a Tube Crazy Charlie; a Tube Coho streamer; and a Tube Bass Bug. All are possibilities with this Pro Tube Tubefly System Starter Kit.

This is why we recommend this product to even our most experienced steelhead and salmon tube fly tyers, so that they might expand their horizons in the Tube Fly world and delve into other species, seasons, and fly sizes. Go crazy with this starter kit, beginner and pro alike.

Point is, this starter kit will give you accsss to the full range of the Pro Tube Tubefly System products and allow you to do some fun tube fly experiments.

Pro Tube Starter Kit: Tubefly System Sample Component Assortment

Price: $28.00 

Pro Tube Sonicdisc - Product Image

Pro Tube Sonicdisc

Pro Tube Sonicdisc: Tubefly System Sonic Disk
Price: $5.95 

Pro Tube Flexineedle - Product Image
Click for larger image

Pro Tube Flexineedle

Pro Tube Flexineedle: Tubefly System Flexi Needle

The Pro Tube Flexineedle is 110 mm long, and is virtually essential to use the Pro Tube Flexitubes and Mini Tubes. These Pro Tubes do not fit well on our HMH or Eumer tube mandrels.

This is the Pro Tube adaptor that securely holds all of the Pro Tube tubes. The Flexineedle is flat in the rear and round in the front where the Pro tube slides on and wedges into position so that it will not spin while you are tying your tube fly.

The Pro System Flexineedle will fit securely in the vast majority of fly tying vises. The only vise we have found that is incompatible is the Nor /vise Inline fly tying vise standard conversion. We use these Pro Tube Tubefly System Flexi needles in our Dyna King, Regal, Renzetti, Thompson, Griffin, Stonefo, Marc Petitjean Master Swiss fly tying vise, and our Griffin economy vise.

Basically, this simple Pro Tube Tubefly Flexineedle system adaptor will fit your vise, more likely than not.

Pro Tube Flexineedle: Tubefly System Flexi Needle

Price: $16.95 

Pro Tube Hook Guide - Product Image
Click for larger image

Pro Tube Hook Guide

Pro Tube Hook Guide: Tubefly System Hookguide

Package contents: 12 pcs.

The Pro Tube Tubefly System Hook Guide is a hook holder that is durable, flexible, removable, available in fish attracting colors or “strike points” that salmon and steelhead tube fly tyers and fishers rant about.

The Hook Guide of the Pro Tube System is silicone and will fit a large range of hooks. Ring eye hooks slip right into these Hook guides and stay put. The large size holds the hooks we fish for salmon and steelhead in sizes 1-6, at least, depending on the hook design and the small Pro Tube Hook Guide is roughly matched to # 6-10 hooks.

What we especially like about these Pro Tube Tubefly System Hook Guides is that they are particularly well suited to use with a looped-on octopus style stinger hook that we use on our long, trailing hackle Steelhead and Salmon Intruder flies. The flexible opening on of the Pro Tube Silicone Hook Guide is smaller than the opening of a Pro Tube Flexitube. Because the opening is both smaller and flexible, the Silicone Hook Guide will hold the knot (double surgeon’s or Uni-non-slip loop-knot).

The Pro Tube Hook Guide will fit nicely on all of the Pro Tube Micro Tubes and is useful for tying flies with ring eyes that are seated closely to the fly as well as trailer style stinger hooks that are positioned well behind the body of the tube fly, ideally at the very tail-end of the wing or trailing flash material. This distance positioning option can reduce the likelihood of short strikes, at least we think it does, and that is a big part of fishing with confidence.

Pro Tube Hook Guide: Tubefly System Hookguide

Price: $5.95 

Pro Tube Dropweight - Product Image
Click for larger image

Pro Tube Dropweight

Pro Tube Dropweight: Tubefly System Drop Weight

Package contents: 10 pcs.

Size & weight specifications are as follows:

Small: 4mm; 0.40 grams

Medium: 6mm; 0.60 grams

Large: 8mm; 0.80 grams

Price: $5.95 

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